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Society and we

Azguntech LLC is committed to the creation and development of a healthy and happy society. Thereby, we have projects dedicated to charity, education of youth, etc.


A partnership project "One thousand homes - one thousand power stations" between the State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources and Azguntech LLC will be realized, which will be upgraded later to "One hundred thousand homes - one hundred thousand power stations" project. The goal of the project is to install mini power stations which will enable solar power generation. In this regard, energy demand of every single house will be examined and the required infrastructure will be created. In addition to meeting full energy demand, there be a possibility to transmit excess electricity to the network. Thereby, extra revenues and efficient energy use will be ensured. As a result, every home will be both a producer and consumer of of energy. The project will be first designed for poor and youth families.


3-5 MW solar power stations will be deployed in homes throughout the country.

As a result, refugees will benefit from the solar power generation, and, thus, will decrease their spendings. This kind of projects will enhance energy supply of schools, far away villages, ways, etc.


In six high schools of Bilesuvar district, heavily populated by refugees and IDPs, solar power stations and heat pumps are being deployed, and will be ready in the near future. One of the major goals of the project is to raise public awareness among high school students and encourage their active participation in protecting the environment.


Being committed to the idea of minimal impact on the environment, the company will renovate expired and damaged solar modules. Thereby, we support environmental protection initiatives promoted by international and non-governmental organizations.

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