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Environment Friendly

       Natural environment of the World has suffered from the industrial development and the consumption of petrochemical fuel since the last century to the present day. This paved the way to the greenhouse and climate change. Scientists estimate that the average temperature will increase by 1,4-5,8 C and the level of sea will rise from 11 m to 77m as a result of which 18-35% of vibrant community can be destroyed.

                When we take into consideration the gradual depletion of traditional energy sources and a large amount of damage resulting from the consumption of these resources, using the environmentally friendly alternative energy sources is more appropriate.

Solar power has made great advantages around the world as being a supplier of electric power in the future. This technology can be effective to reduce CO2 emissions to avoid climate change. Looking at the rapid growth of solar power industry, EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) estimates that 100 million tons of annual solar capacity in 2030 will have the ability to reduce CO2 emissions. Production of solar panels for each house in order to supply clean and safe power is oriented. In addition, installation of solar panels on the bridges and commercial facilities is planned.

Solar energy is obtained with the help of specially designed solar panels. Solar panels are made of  light-sensitive semiconductor elements. Electricity is generated when light falls on the solar cells. Most of the solar cells are made of monocrystalline  silicon. This is thanks to the advancement in technology of obtaining  silicon monocrystalline  and the effective production of p-type passes used in them.

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