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      Azguntex technology produces 60 cells multi cristallic modules and 14 raw materials are used to make this solar panels: Glass, EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), cell, flux, backsheet, soldering wire, ribbons with the width 5 mm and 2 mm, frame, tape, j-box, silicone, adhesive tape and packing material.

60 cells solar panels power are change between 250-255 Watt

Factory gives 25 years warranty to produced modules

According to the requirements of the technology constantly fresh air is provided  in the solar panels manufacturing area and temperature of air is kept around 23-25 ºC.

Solar Cell operational principles:

As a result of sun light absorbing are formed free load carriers. This event is called photoeffect, the additional conductivity is called photoconductivity.  Si is 4 valent silicon and in order to make a sustainable structure each silicon atom possess electrons jointly with four neighbors. Light falling on the cell –photon will carry it to conductor zone from valency zone  by giving its own energy to a valence electron and as a result, the electron - hole pairs will be created. These additional load carriers which created with the effect of light will increase the electrical conductivity of particular semiconductor. Thus, after lightening semiconductor with the relevant energetic photon, a pair of irregular load carrier arises in the volume of semiconductor. These irregular load carriers became free in a very short period of time. Then photoelectron and hole are recombined. When crystal lightens   with continuous photon stream, the photo load carriers concentration decreasing due to recombination is stops, in this case the quantity of loads is equal to the amount of recombination carriers. In other words, the dynamic equilibrium occurs between the generation and recombination. Thus, the directional flow of load carriers, electric current is created.

Solar panels efficiency is higher than 15%, cell coefficiency is higher than 17%.  Of cource efficiency each of them  impacts to the general system coefficiency.

Internal uneven surface creates condition to the absorbtion of  rays, in this case solar energy is not lost, backsheet prevents sun rays to leave modules .

Holes in the corners of modules help to prevent water gathering inside the frame . Modules power output and currency is fully tested prior to use. 

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