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Greenhouse effect


     The world gets  warmer with the reflected rays than the incident ray. These reflected rays , particularly carbon dioxide and water steam are caught by gases  in the atmosphere, so that there is a process of  getting warmer in the Earth. The capture of radiation by these gases is  called greenhouse effect. Increasing amount of these gases in the atmosphere,  increases warming in the world.

     Increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and other green house gases ends in the increase of the strength of green house effect. Even though the thousand years the carbon dioxide sources remained stable increase in modern human activity, usage of fossil fuels, the destruction of forests, excessive farming are the courses for the release of large quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

      Global warming, getting warmer of the atmosphere periodically with the influence of the greenhouse effect. Influence to the atmosphere going increased as a result of activities of people, especially receiptes of the gas increased. According to the Enviromental Report of UN announced on 16.02.2001 in Geneva the average air temperature will increase between 1,4C and 5,3C, the melting of glaciers will make level rise between  8-88 sm, irreversible changes will occur in the physical structure of the world, agricultural production will decline in Africa, the average annual rainfall will decrease, there will be lack of water, drought in Asia and high temperature in tropical regions, flows  and soil disturbance, growth of agricultural output  in northern regions, tropical storm will increase, southern region will become  drought-prone areas in Europe, half of Alpine glaciers by the end half of 21st century will disappear and the decline of agricultural products will be seized, agricultural products will increase in northern Europe, there  will be drought, repeated  flood too tight  In Latin America, discrease   agricultural products, increase of fever and cholera, increase of agricultural products  in North America, sea level will rise especially in Florida and Atlantic coasts, the waves and floods will  be seen, disease will increase such as malaria and fever which will lead to high rates, glaciers in the polar regions will melt, affection  by the number of plant and animal species can be observed.  In relation to the melting of glaciers sea level will rise of up to 0,5 sm per year, it is notified that for the next 100 years coral rocks can be damaged.

The photovoltaic energy creation  and development needs of our goals. Because of global warming caused by the greenhouse effect is formed by the negative impact of the energy sector.

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